If you’ve been wondering why we make you “ROTATE” seats between rounds, there really is a reason we tell you to do this.
… well, FOUR actually:

  • When you rotate seats between rounds (as long as you play as many rounds as there are players), you will eventually team up to play with  every player in the game!

    Each player brings something new to the experience, and this is the best way to capture the fullness of the game!

  • Also, every player is going to have different skill sets. Some will be better at describing, some will be better at sketching, and some will just match up better with the way YOU work as a team.

    So, by rotating, playing with every player levels the playing field!

  • Let’s FACE it, some players are just more hilarious to play with than others!

  • Just think of the calories you’ll be burning! (We saw you sneak those party snacks.)

    Rotating, while playing “The Party Favorite” “The Standard” Version, is easy … everyone just rotates counter-clockwise.


When playing with an even number of players, as in “The Even Steven” Version, it’s only slightly more tricky for ONE person. So, look CLOSELY at the diagrams below to see how many rounds that person must remain in the same seat, and everyone else rotates counter-clockwise, as normal.