FACING OFF: Can you sketch what you can’t see?” was created by Teresa “Crazy Nonnie” Abney, with the help of her 5 Daughters-in-Law, 5 Sons, “Happy Pappy,’ a 93 year old Mother-in-Law, 2 Brother and Sister-in-Laws, numerous outlaws, and too many grandchildren to count!

The original concept for the game took its first breath one November morning, in 2018, when Crazy Nonnie had a now familiar burst of inspiration. As she skipped and twirled in dramatic fashion into the room where her daughter-in-law, Alyssa, sat reading, Nonnie declared: “I’ve done it! I’ve hit our home run! It’s a Party Game called “Sketch Artist!”

The two immediately started taking fast and furious notes and wrote the first draft of the game. Eventually, her son Charlie joined in, and by evening the grandchildren. However, by bedtime the game had taken a dizzying journey to “crazy town,” and was deemed too convoluted to create. Like hundreds of other inspired ideas, the game was written off as just another one of Nonnie’s brilliant ideas that would never make it. She was sad, but relieved that she hadn’t spent the usual 6 months toiling away on something she would never bring to fruition.

However, this time something kept gnawing at her, nudging and poking. She’d lay awake at night wondering, “how could something so perfect have gotten so far off track?” Three weeks later, Nonnie emerged from her room and resolutely declared, “I will NOT let this idea die, and I won’t die before it’s done! So, let’s get back to work!”

Soon, she had also corralled her daughter-in-law Christi into the ring-of-fire and the game started taking good form and gaining ground. Within days, the name was changed to FACING OFF, and one by one, the other girls had joined in.  A few weeks later, their husbands were in the brawl, then brother and sister-in-laws … then Pappy and his 93 year old mother. By the end, over 20 family member were on the collaboration team! After 15 months of editing and re-editing, play-testing and prototyping, we’re finally delighted (and relieved) to announce the debut of, “FACING OFF! Can you sketch what you can’t see?”

We hope you’ll help celebrate with us by going to and creating an account, so you can “back” our game on February 11, 2020 as it LAUNCHES into life! We PROMISE, you’ll love it! The campaign only lasts 30 days, so if you want to be among the first to receive it, this will be your best opportunity to buy it! Otherwise, it will be many more months before it becomes available in stores, or Amazon.

We think FACING OFF has the makings of a timeless classic, destined to be a staple in every home … but we can’t do it without YOUR SUPPORT!

In the meantime, we’d like to say ‘THANK YOU!” to everyone who has supported the Abney family through this journey! Your encouragement has meant the world to us, and we won’t forget it, or YOU!

The Abney Family

Teresa, Christi, Alyssa, Lauren, Abby, Lesa, Charlie, Tommy, Robert, Johnny, Steve, Tom, Doug, Karen, Lavon and Christina

The Grandchildren

Maddox, Cason, Rylie, Parker, Addi, Emma, Boom, Reese, Evan, Faye and Owen (Six of them even designed a FACE CARD!)

The Cheerleaders

Robert, Carol and Irene Smith, Fred and Vicki Young-Ferreira, and Patricia Weronick

PS …

Eight Abneys were featured in FACING OFF’s “Game Trailer!” And we think they did an AWESOME job! (So be sure to see it … Its on the HOME page!)